Advice and Exposition

For math through Algebra 2, we recommend Saxon Math, first or second edition, done as Saxon intended. That is, do all speed drills as scheduled in the lessons, and do all problems until they're all correct before moving to the next lesson.
For trigonometry and pre-calculus, The Ohio State University classes Math 1149 and Math 1150 (see The Ohio State University math course website) have excellent coverage. See also Dr. deLaubenfels's "Fun with Functions". We also posted a probability book, "Fun with Introductory Probability", that only requires the first year of high school algebra.
There are many misrepresentations of math in the world of "education"; we particularly encourage you to avoid presentations of math that present it as a flashy spectator sport, or ones that abandon a subject forever after one fleeting success. (Imagine a basketball program that removes the basketball hoop once you've made a basket.) Learning math requires repetition over long periods of time.
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