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Math Workshops: Math Magnifications: Advice and Exposition:
Fundamental ideas in math or statistics introduced via interactive, physical activities and pictures. For more detail, click here. More explicit skills and ideas in one to a few classes, on specific topics in math or statistics that are fundamental to all future mathematics or statistics, but that often seem difficult at first and deserve focused attention. For more detail, click here. For advice about teaching and learning math and statistics, click here.
Our initial motivation for creating Teacher-Scholar Institute was helping parents home school, especially at the high school level.
In general, we would like to help any motivated person to learn math, and give an accurate picture of math; misleading presentations abound.
We will post expository material as we create it (see college-level exposition and high-school-level exposition). We might also record lectures, including workshops and magnifications.
We will schedule workshops and magnifications as time permits.
Anyone interested in research-level math can check the list of publications in Dr. deLaubenfels' résumé.
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