Math Workshops

We offer hands-on, experimental math workshops---math labs, for short. Each workshop will introduce an idea with chalkboard drawings, discussions, and a physical activity, all at least partly done by students. Interruptions are encouraged; our specific goals are minimal, with questions, ideas, and tangents from students always welcome. For example, the word "tangent" led to a discussion of tangent lines, a fundamental concept from calculus.
Many of these math labs were done with homeschoolers in southeast Ohio while homeschooling there, and formed the centerpiece of "Math as a Liberal Art" university classes for non-scientists created and taught by Dr. and Mrs. deLaubenfels.
Workshops that we have done and/or plan to do soon include Moebius strips and topology ("rubbery" geometry), astrolabes, logarithms and slide rules, logarithms and population growth, tessellations, the Pythagorean theorem (discovering it with a pair of small jigsaw puzzles), abacus, statistics (precision versus confidence), binomial probability, networks, and decimal expansions and approximations.
Each lab will have a maximum of 6 participants.
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